A 7-Day Roguelike game. With Robots. And Lasers.

By Funcall Games. Comments to ahefner@funcallgames.com

Laser Spigot is a fast-paced, streamlined game vaguely in the roguelike genre, with a futuristic theme. It uses an elegant hex-based movement scheme and features a detailed model of robot components, damage to which impacts their abilities and behavior. Survival and resource conservation are paramount. It can be finished within ten minutes if you know what you're doing. It is best enjoyed by attempting to bash the buttons as quickly as possible. It was developed in Linux and deployed on Windows, in less than a week, using Embeddable Common Lisp.

Requires OpenGL (version 1.3, I think). If it crashes or fails to start, please report the symptoms and the contents of the file "errlog.txt", if present, along with your operating system version (XP, Vista, Windows 7, 32-bit ot 64-bit) and video card model.

Download: Windows version (7 MB)

Works in Linux using WINE. Sorry, no Mac version. Want one? Buy me a MacBook. :)

Obligatory Screenshot:

How to play: